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Proud to RecycleWho are we?

South Molton Recycle is a Social Enterprise. This means that instead of having a bottom line based only on profits, we have a triple bottom line encompassing social and environmental aims as well as financial aims. All profits made are reinvested in the business to ensure sustainability and continuation of our social and environmental aims and to keep advancing the boundaries of good practice and ethical recycling.

Since starting our activities in the 1980s we have always been at the cutting edge of recycling practices in the UK and we continue to develop recycling services that have proved sustainable and innovative.

Steve Portsmouth, founder of SMR Ltd, influenced local and national policy on Recycling and this tradition is continuing under the stewardship of Sarah Portsmouth, Managing Director, who is equally passionate about ethical recycling and sustainable waste management.

For over 18 years SMR has developed the recycling facilities and collections for the local community and held contracts with local district and county councils and was instrumental in Devon achieving the Friends of the Earth County recycling award in 1991.

SMR was inundated with visits from organisations from all over the country‚ community groups, councils, radio, television, newspapers‚ the model used by SMR was adopted and modified to suit other areas. A direct result was the increase of kerbside recycling nationally.

SMR now has over 34 staff and 22 vehicles, collecting recycling from over 32,000 households in Torridge every week and recycling from businesses throughout North Devon, Torridge and parts of Mid Devon, and operating the Civic Amenity Recycling Centre in South Molton on behalf of Devon County Council.

In 2008 North Devon Council took the household recycling service that SMR had started and developed since the early 1990‚ in house and SMR is proud that NDC continues the best practice collection method that is at the heart of SMR‚ aims and beliefs.

South Molton Recycle is proud to have been instrumental in developing household recycling collections which are now accessible to all households throughout the UK.

We still campaign for best practice source separated recycling to ensure the best end product for recycling and have now, whilst continuing and improving the collections from households across Torridge, have moved our focus to providing Businesses across North Devon, Torridge and Mid Devon with the same access that households get to recycling. For every tonne of household waste produced, commercial, industrial and construction businesses produce another six tonnes. Local Businesses do not have access to good quality recycling services and SMR aims to change that, are try to divert as much of their waste from landfill as possible, as sites are currently set to be full up by 2016.

Our aims & beliefs

Our aim is to protect the environment by reducing pollution and saving resources by cutting down the amount of waste going to landfill. We provide employment for local people, support educational visits on recycling, give employment and work experience to disadvantaged members of the community and supervise workers on community service.

Our belief in re-use, repair and recycle, is demonstrated by our partner Charity Shop, SMR Phoenix, in the heart of South Molton. Originally it was part of the SMR group but in 2008 it was launched as a new Charity Shop with the support of SMR, which sells everything from buttons to antiques. They accept public donations of all resalable items and aim to provide a vast range of reasonably priced household, electrical, garden and leisure items, white goods, furniture, tools, books, clothes and bric-a-brac for the local community.

Thank you for helping reduce the amount going to landfill and saving valuable resources

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